I specialize in photography for news magazines, public relations and fund-raising firms, as well as specialized campaign work for humanitarian and other social marketing organizations.

I offer a rapid response service, and am flexible to travel on a moment’s notice to meet rigorous publishing deadlines. I am experienced in photographing onsite response to natural disasters and supporting relief organizations. In those instances it is often imperative for me to be there as soon as possible to document the activities. Working in a country with a substandard infrastructure or a hazardous political environment is a matter of routine to me.  I have been adequately prepared and trained for these situations.

I customarily photograph with a Canon EOS Ds Mark II digital camera. This camera is equipped with high-end lenses, and offers high-resolution pictures even in difficult lighting situations. This equipment enables me to capture delicate moments from a distance without interfering with the intimacy of the subject.

Pictures taken during the course of a day are uploaded online for your immediate review (provided that Internet access is available). This timely processing enables you immediate access to my work, and to use the pictures for your intended purpose.

Final delivery will be made on DVD in high resolution TIFF and RAW formats, including a searchable index for fast and convenient selection.

I encourage you to contact me directly so we can collaborate on a customized solution that exceeds your expectations.