Klaus Walraf, Fundraiser of Malteser, 2005
The people in the photographs converse with the observer, they communicate
and I am touched by her pictures.
Her working style, wherever she is and whenever she goes to work, is flexible,
fast and digital. Her work is characterised by fine craftsmanship, which also delivers
a lot of information to a story. She is strong-willed and thoroughly capable
of working in a team.

Klaus Rieth, pressagent of Brot für die Welt, 2001
Her photographs are directed towards the human being.
She gets into almost intimate contact with men, women and children to capture
their special and typical features, the heart of the matter. In doing this she
keeps distance, maintaining the dignity of those who are going to be photographed.
One can feel that Birgit Betzelt is really interested in making pictures,
it is the interest in the people she encounters. And Birgit Betzelt not only likes
suffering people but also finds pleasure in a laughter and a latent smile.
I like these pictures because they reflect real life.

Johann Flickinger, Director of WMCC, advertising agency, 2001
She not merely catches a picture but places herself directly into the centre of events
The heart is involved, not just the eye.

Vivian, November 2000
Again and again, she drives in to the crisis stricken areas of this world,
where there are tears and despair to document, but also the hope of people.
Her pictures penetrate, under the skin, to reveal their aspirations.