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Birgit Betzelt studied design with main emphasis on photography. Images from refugees in Croatia and Bosnia in 1992 had a powerful effect on her decision to join humanitarian convoys working as a photographer and starting a career as an independent photographer. Her intention is to help bring attention to those she photographs and to the challenges they face.
Since 2000 Birgit Betzelt has been a member of the photo agency Bilderberg, 2007 of BFF -
Association of Free-Lance Photo Designers. Since then, she has devoted herself to the documentation of conflicts and critical social issues. She has worked in East Timor, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, Angola, Djibouti, Zimbabwe and Colombia. Her assignments are to cover floods, famines, civil wars, earth quakes and other human tragedies and injustices. She is contracted by humanitarian organisations, agencies and magazines.


Photo: Stefan Weiss